Thursday, December 1, 2016

New Book Release: A Host to History

A Host to History: The Story of Atlanta Athletic Club by Catherine Lewis

Known internationally as the home course of golfing immortal Bobby Jones, and recognized at one of the best clubs in the nation, Atlanta Athletic Club took possession of the second edition of its highly popular commemorative history book. A Host to History—The Story of Atlanta Athletic Club was originally published by Bookhouse in 2005. The new edition was updated to include recent developments and was redesigned in the process. One particular chapter, “Hosting the Majors,” vividly describes the club’s special role in attracting major golf championships. The Atlanta Athletic Club is one of a handful of elite clubs in the nation that, in the history of golf, has hosted multiple majors for both men and women.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

New Book Release: Medical Decisions in Halachah

Medical Decisions in Halachah by Rabbi Moshe Rotberg

The world of medical ethics is often a slippery slope, which, if not governed by halachah, can lead to grave sins - including that of murder itself. The issues surrounding end of life, as well as other life-and-death questions, have become increasingly prevalent over the past few decades, due to both negative and positive developments in society. In today's day and age, it is not uncommon to need to make complex medical decisions, and it is of utmost importance that a patient and his or her caregiver understand the many issues and dynamics at play when it comes to medical care in halachah.

*  Which treatments and procedures must -and must not - be done for a terminally ill patient?

The doctor says that the surgery he needs to perform has a mortality rate of 50%. Does halachah allow for that surgery to be done?

* A family receives a call that their father's death is imminent. May they go on Shabbos to be with him? 

What must a family be aware of before allowing their loved one to receive palliative care in a hospice facility?

In Medical Decisions in Halachah, these issues and hundreds of others are dealt with in a clear and concise fashion. This sefer is the culmination of nearly a decade of research, in conjunction with the leading poskim and medical doctors in America, Canada, and Israel. In it, both layman and scholar will discover clarity and up-to-date information about halachah's stance regarding complex medical decisions.

New Book Release: Necessary Mourning

Necessary Mourning: Healing the Loss of a Parent Through Jewish Ritual by Dahlia Abraham-Klein

Necessary Mourning is written in an eloquent account of the traditional customs that are put into practice when a Jewish person dies providing a moving chronicle of the loss of Abraham-Klein's own father. This unique narrative crosses the boundary between psychology, spirituality and traditional Jewish ritual. Not only describing but also explaining the psychological significance behind Jewish practices and traditions, as Abraham-Klein moves through the five stages of mourning where at each stage it opens the door to a wider world and a broader understanding of life through touching death. The richly informative personal account deepens our understanding of the customs and traditions that inform the Jewish psychological response to death.

New Book Release: Kitzur Halachos Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

Kitzur Halachos Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur by Rabbi Zev Hofstedter

A clear and concise guide to all the halachos of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, based on the Mishnah Berurah, by Rabbi Zev Hofstedter.

New Book Release: Handy California

Handy California by Kevin Hile

California is the country's most populous state. The home of the entertainment industry and silicon valley. It's known for its beaches, its redwood forests, and as the “land of fruit and nuts.” Its people, industries, politicians, climate, and allure captivates the world and draws millions of visitors each year. Exploring the state’s fascinating history, people, myths, culture, and trivia, The Handy California Answer Book takes an in-depth look look at this fascinating, quirky, and diverse state.

Learn about the original Indigenous peoples, the Spanish explorers, the independence from Spain, the secession from Mexico, the Gold Rush, the building of the Los Angeles Aqueducts, the earthquakes, the water shortages, and much, much more. Tour landmarks, learn about famous sons and daughters, the sports teams, and the unique character of the state through a combination of facts, stats, and history, as well as the unusual and quirky. This comprehensive guide to California answers more than 1,100 intriguing questions, including How did “Eureka!” become the state motto? Why is a grizzly bear on the state flag when no grizzlies exist in California? Was the coast of California ever attacked by pirates? How did Silicon Valley become a center for the high tech industry?

Sunday, October 2, 2016

New Book Release: The Monster Book

The Monster Book: Creatures, Beasts and Fiends of Nature by Nick Redfern

Monsters have been spotted everywhere, not just hiding under a child’s bed, lurking in the closet, or springing forth from folkloric tales. Exploring the history, mythology, pop culture, and the world of the supernatural, The Monster Book: Creatures, Beasts, and Fiends of Nature is a comprehensive resource of the monster menagerie from around the world. Examining the lore and legends, as well as the first-person accounts of bizarre freaks of nature and spine-tingling paranormal entities, it details each beast with thorough research, while recounting the facts in an engaging narrative.

This fascinating look at monsters investigates nearly 200 beings, beasts, freaks, and fiends, ranging from the renowned and celebrated to the little-known and inglorious, including Werewolves, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, the chupacabra, Mothman, the Abominable Snowman, the Mongolian Death Worm, Living Pterosaurs, Alien Big Cats, Lizard Man, Lake Worth Monster, the Monstrous Monitor, South American Sasquatch, the Jersey Devil, Sea Serpents, Phantom Black Dogs, and much, much more.

New Book Release: The Little Esrog

The Little Esrog by Rochelle Kochin
With just days until Sukkos, the Jews of Sislotch wait excitedly for their beautiful esrogim to arrive. But when a snowstorm delays the delivery wagon, the nervous driver takes matters into his own hands.
The Little Esrog is a touching tale of one modest esrog whose humility saves the holiday for the entire village.