Sunday, April 1, 2018

New Book Release: EMJ Corporation

EMJ Corporation: The First Fifty Years

EMJ Corporation—The First Fifty Years is the history and story of a distinctive company and everything it took to get to where it is today. For nearly half of its fifty years in business, EMJ Corporation served a single client in a single industry: mall development. More recently, though, EMJ has engaged in a concerted effort to diversify, bringing an array of new clients into the fold and finding great success in a variety of market sectors, from industrial and hospitality properties to healthcare facilities and office buildings. It also has added a number of subsidiaries and standalone companies to the EMJ family. Over half a century, EMJ Corporation has surpassed anything the man who started it all, Edgar M. Jolley, could have imagined, with over 280 million square feet of construction projects completed nationwide.

New Book Release: Control

Control: MKUltra, Chemtrails and the Conspiracy to Suppress the Masses by Nick Redfern

Freedom of speech. Free exercise of religion. The right to peacefully assemble and to bear arms. Free will is an integral part of democracy, but how free are we really? The NSA, computer chips, surveillance cameras, search engines, social media and major corporations spy on our every move and try to influence our every decision. Big Ag and Big Pharma sell us food, medication and drink of dubious benefits. The media, fake media and out right propaganda try to tell us what to think. Our every computer key stroke and purchase is exploited.

A thorough review the history of government mind and population control and the modern acceleration of attempts to dominate the masses, Control: MKUltra, Chemtrails and the Conspiracy to Suppress the Masses exposes the efforts of the government, big corporations and the privileged few to manipulate the thoughts, behaviors, and actions of the population. It investigates coercive methods and techniques from chemicals in our air, food and water to tracking our every move, purchase, phone call and touch of a keyboard. 

Shadowy government programs, unexplained events, and their chilling legacies are illuminated, including MKUltra, chemtrails, HAARP, NSA, CIA, NASA, UFOs, RFID chips, Project Monarch, Montauk Project, government LSD experiments, as well as ... 
• Edward Snowden's exposure of the National Security Agency’s top secret program of widespread surveillance
• NASA and a powerful group control of what we know – or what we don’tknow – about the secrets of outer space
• United States government, military and intelligence us of drones to spy on our every outdoor activity
• The centuries long use of hypnosis and mind-control to keep people in line through sex
• The use of high-tech acoustic-weapons to disperse crowds, disable an individual in seconds and the sinister experiments to use them to control and enslave man.
• Far-reaching programs to monitor and record us in our very own homes through our phones, computers and everyday appliances.
• Plots designed to depopulate the human race through murderous viruses.
• A careful plan to dumb down the population by limiting access to the media, banning books, spying on libraries, and denying crucial information on world history, politics and more.
• Big Pharma pushing the use mind-altering medicines, such as anti-depressants, mood-altering drugs, anti-anxiety meds, and sleeping-pills to encourage lethargy—and gain control.
• A ruse designed to take away our freedoms under the guise of a bogus alien attack.
• And, much, much more!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

New Book Release: Jewish Law as Rebellion

Jewish Law as Rebellion: A Plea for Religious Authenticity and Halachic Courage by R. Nathan Lopes Cardozo

In this remarkable, and what promises to be a highly controversial, work, Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo suggests that Jewish Law must be seen as a discipline of resistance and courage. He pleads for the urgent return to authentic religiosity, which by now has been compromised by nearly all who claim to be religious. Rebelling against the rabbinical establishment, Rabbi Cardozo takes it to task for failing to liberate Halacha from its stagnancy and confinement. With ground-breaking suggestions, he shows how to make Jewish Law once again relevant to our modern society and to the State of Israel.

Out of love for Judaism and all human beings Rabbi Cardozo provokes, challenges, annoys and disturbs his readers, asking them to resist the corrupting effect of the ordinary and often hollow motions of today’s religious life. While focusing on Judaism and Jewish Law, much of what Rabbi Cardozo argues applies equally to other religions as well as to secularism.

A book that may trigger a new era of genuine introspection, laying the foundations for a better world in which the Divine will stand at the center of humanity. 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

New Book Release: Dark

Dark by Crymsyn Hart and Anastasia Rabiyah

Revenge is a dangerous twister of fate.

Kelly has been running all her life, but now something’s caught up to her that she can’t escape from. The ugly little world she’s been trapped in for the past ten years is being whittled away, piece by piece, person by person. The monster destroying it is as much a mystery to her as he is to himself. Her only hope is to find a way to run before it’s too late.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

New Book Release: The Handy American Government Answer Book

The Handy American Government Answer Book by Gina Misiroglu

The stakes have never been higher: national security, civil liberties, the economy, the future of the republic. Yet few outside Washington actually understand how our government and political system should work, much less how it actually operates. On one level, it's a complex, interlocking world veiled in power brokering, bureaucracy, and big money. On another, it's the biggest, richest, most influential organization in the world, for better or worse.

Understanding how modern America is managed and governed is more vital than ever, but television, radio, newspapers, and social media frequently aim to spin, seduce, and sell product rather than serve anything resembling the truth. Filling the breach and answering basic questions about how our very complex government operates and what it promises, The Handy American Government Answer Book: How Washington, Politics, and Elections Work takes a comprehensive look at the systems, people, and policies that comprise American democracy, providing much-needed clarity to the current political drama.
This informative book traces the historic development of the government, the functions of each branch of government, and how they work together. It provides clear and concise definitions of who does what and why. Written in an entertaining, reader-friendly, question-and-answer format, The Handy American Government Answer Book deciphers the news behind the headlines through well-researched answers to nearly 800 common questions. You will also read about such fascinating tidbits as:

• Why is America's democratic system considered so precious? • How are shifting demographics related to the electorate? • What can Americans do to influence their government? • Did the framers of the Constitution place equal weight on the concepts of liberty, equality, and democracy? • What does 'checks and balances' mean? • What generally happens when members of Congress act inappropriately? • How many presidents have been impeached? • How does a case reach the U.S. Supreme Court? • Which president appointed the most justices? • How do civil liberties differ from civil rights? • How does the Bill of Rights protect individual liberties? • Is measuring public opinion a new phenomenon in politics? • What does the concept 'majority rule with minority rights' mean? • Why has trust in the government declined? • What does it mean to lobby? • How are PAC donations and political decisions linked? • Where do the party symbols of the donkey and the elephant come from? • What is electoral realignment? • Who pays for the campaigns of candidates? • Did the electoral college ever vote unanimously for a president?

This handy primer also includes numerous illustrations, graphs, tables, a helpful bibliography, and an extensive index, adding to its usefulness. In the midst of the overheated rhetoric of the moment and the fast-changing, crisis-dominated world, a well-informed citizenry armed with The Handy American Government Answer Book is the best defense against political and corporate chicanery!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

New Book Release: The Flood's Lover

The Flood's Lover by Liam Drake

On a routine business trip, Henry picks up a handsome guy needing a lift to New Mexico. He soon realizes that the man is more than he seems, and the storms that keep chasing them are no coincidence. Holding on to the kind of love and passion he's always wanted but was too afraid to reach for will be the most difficult thing he's ever done.

New Book Release: A Deathly Undertaking

A Deathly Undertaking by Crymsyn Hart

Being an undertaker is never easy when the dead can kill you.

Darria Savege is an undertaker's assistant. When her boss is killed, she assumes the job of undertaker and all the strange things that go with it. She awakens a mummified hand named Omar. She works with a grim reaper named Oliver who collects the souls of the bodies she works on. New and strange powers awaken within her. A dark necromancer is after something in her morgue.

All she has to do is avoid being killed by him or by some of the bodies she works on. But that's not the real dilemma. Medusa is trying to get out of purgatory and turn the world to stone, and Darria is the only one who can stop her.